The Northern Ireland Home Service Medal (NIHSM)

The NIHSM came into existence on 1st July 1992 and replaced the UD Medal.

Note: Full Time UDR/R IRISH Officers and Soldiers are not eligible for the award NIHSM.

To qualify for an award of the NIHSM an UDR/R IRISH Officer or Soldier must fulfil the following conditions:

a. Be (or have been) a part time member of The Ulster Defence Regiment or The Royal Irish Regiment (R IRISH) on or after 01 July 1980.

b. Have completed 12 years continuous, efficient and reckonable service from the age of 18, having fulfilled the following conditions in each of the 12 years claimed for the award,

(1) During the Emergency: Completed no less than 50 days operational duties or duties in support of operations. Three quarters and half days may be aggregated to form complete days. Any days spent in hospital or certified by a doctor as unfit for any duty as a result of wounds received on duty or from terrorist attack may count.

(2) During Peace Time: [When Peace is declared i.e. when the General Service Medal (1962) with Clasp "Northern Ireland" is no longer awarded.] Pass annual tests in accordance with ITDs (A) and fulfil attendance requirements. [Attendance requirements will be promulgated when peace is declared].

Part Time service in The Ulster Defence Regiment prior to 01 Jul 1992 counts towards the award of the NIHSM.

Retired and discharged officers and soldiers, the legal beneficiaries of deceased officers and soldiers who wish to claim an award of the NIHSM should apply in writing in the first instance to the applicant's former unit stating the details of the individual for whom the Medal is claimed:

a. Service Number, rank and full name.

b. Date of Birth

c. Date of enlistment, retirement or discharge (if known)

The address to write to is

Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency

(Joint Personnel Administration Centre)

MOD Medal Office

Building 250

Royal Air Force Innsworth




Telephone enquiry line: 01452 712612 Ext 8149


Please quote the following details:


Download this form, print it, fill it in, then send to the address on the form. Click App Form

Army Number




Dates of Service

Date of Birth


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