The Accumulated Campaign Service Medal (ACSM)

The following rules apply in order to be eligible for the ACSM:

To be awarded the ACSM, an individual must be the holder of the General Service Medal 1962 with clasp (i.e. Northern Ireland) and have completed 36 months (Reg Army & FT UDR/R IRISH) campaign service.

Part Time members of the UDR/R IRISH must have completed 1000 duties.

                            Full Time Members of The UDR/R IRISH:

       Part Time Members of The UDR/R IRISH:

If you feel you are entitled to the ACSM then write to:

Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency

(Joint Personnel Administration Centre)

MOD Medal Office

Building 250

Royal Air Force Innsworth




Telephone enquiry line: 01452 712612 Ext 8149


Please quote the following details:


Download this form, print it, fill it in, then send to the address on the form. Click App Form

Army Number




Dates of Service

Date of Birth


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