Former soldiers of The Ulster Defence Regiment may be entitled to the following medals for their service.

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General Service Medal 1962 & Clasp "Northern Ireland"

The Ulster Defence Medal, "UD"

Accumulated Campaign Service Medal, "ACSM"

Northern Irela..\..\UDRASSOCIATION\htdocs\Medals\ACSM.htmnd Home Service Medal, "NIHSM"

The MoD Medal Office is based at RAF Innsworth, Gloucester and holds details of most campaign medals issued from the 1920s. They are the authority for all questions concerning the entitlement to current campaign medals. The Office provides two main services:

In all circumstances, an initial letter should be sent to the MoD Medal Office explaining the precise request and the circumstances behind it. As much of the following information as possible concerning the original recipient or entitled person should be included and where possible backed up with photocopies only of supporting documentation (entitlement to medals is only determined from original records held by the Army):

Replacement of medals is only offered to the recipient or the immediate next of kin, and then only when clear and documented proof of loss is provided.

Where a question concerns an event over seventy years ago, the Public Records Office at Kew should be the first point of contact.


Officer in Charge,
The MoD Medal Office,
Building 250,
RAF Innsworth

Tel: 01452 712612    Ext 8149 / 8200

The Public Records Office
Ruskin Avenue