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JUNE 2015

    The Association is launching a Campaign to fund the commissioning of a book that is to be the Associations record of the experiences of their members within the Regiment.
    While historical military accounts exist this book sets out to tell what it was like to serve in Regiment and the impact that service had on individuals and the family members who provided the support. It also sets out to bring matters up to date by detailing the ongoing legacy issues former members and their families have still to cope with. More than a decade into the “Peace Process” closure for former members is an ongoing issue. The book will explore the social context in which the Regiment was formed and in which its members served for what was the longest period of active service any Regiment of the British Army served in recent history.

    Whilst many lost their lives and many more bear the physical scars, the mental strain of constantly living under threat both on duty and at home which also continued after service still impacts on members and their families. This book sets out to explore their story and bring it up to date. It also sets out to address the re-writing of history by which the Regiment is frequently vilified, its role distorted and misrepresented.

    Dr Stephen Herron has been commissioned to write the book and to apply an academic rigour to the process. His PhD thesis was written about the Regiment.
    There will be a launch of the project in the Long Gallery at Stormont.
    Currently a number of avenues are being explored to fund the project. One of these is by Public subscription from former members and the wider circle of families and those who supported the Regiment. We are asking for a subscription of 25. Those who subscribe will receive a hard back copy of the book and if they wish, their name will be included on a list of subscribers which will be published within the book.

    We will also welcome corporate donations which will be acknowledged in the same manner if so desired.
    The Association wants our story to be told in a way that sets out the true story for future generations. The current generation need to know our story of what was a unique sacrifice made by so many men and women along with their families who strived to hold the line

Almighty God, we pray for all members of the Regimental Association of The Ulster Defence Regiment. We remember with pride those who have paid the supreme sacrifice. We pray that they may not have died in vain, but that we who are left may be loyal to their example and sense of duty. Let not our gratefulness fail or grow weary as we seek your strength to be ever vigilant of freedom, peace and security, and may we ever hear the call to nobler living which echoes from the graves of those who have died that we might live. We give thanks for all who have served in The Ulster Defence Regiment and who have known courage to carry out their duties without fear or favour and who have protected those in danger; may we with them ever rejoice in the peace that you give through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Book may be ordered from:-

Mr G Hanna
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cheques payable to
UDR Publications account

    Orders for the book can be placed online at the website of the Regimental Association.
This is found at www.

Donations can be made to the Danske Bank, Dungannon                                

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